Observatory of Public Sector Innovation – Open government workshop

Atelier entre représentants de différents pays du groupe de travail de l’Observatoire de l’innovation publique de l’OCDE, dédié au gouvernement ouvert :

Over the past decade, there has been a paradigm shift underway towards more collaborative, participatory, and deliberative governance. Public authorities around the world have been involving citizens more meaningfully and directly to shape policies at all levels of government, focusing on principles such as representativeness, diversity, inclusiveness, and deliberation. Structured processes have been established that allow ordinary citizens to grapple with complexity and to arrive at public judgements, helping public decision makers to make hard choices and take action with legitimacy. As a follow up to the PGC Symposium on “Reinforcing Democracy: 21st Century Governance Challenges” on March 19, this session will explore how these innovative approaches to citizen participation and deliberation can cement democratic principles and lead to better public decisions. In particular, it will explore the trend of moving from projects to permanence. This session will include interventions from:

  • Claudia Chwalisz: leading OECD work on innovative citizen participation
  • Jonathan Moskovic: Democratic innovation advisor to Magali Plovie, President of the Francophone Brussels Parliament
  • Kelly McBride: Director of Democratic Society


15 avril 2021
Evénement expiré


13h00 - 15h00

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